📈 Begünstigte Beziehungen 📈 Begünstigte Beziehungen 📈 Begünstigte Beziehungen 📈 Begünstigte Beziehungen

Poster design for Kai Bannerts exhibition Begünstigte Beziehungen which took place in the student organised exhibition space Stellwerk. This Exhibition is part of the events series narrations professional passions which focuses performative and audio/visual art concepts. It was the third event in this series. The exhibitions dramaturgy was curated by Diane Hillebrandt.

floor plan

The posters show the general routes of the visiting persons in the foyer and the exhibition space itself. It's a top view on the space. The graph look a like elements leads to the analytic concept of the artist *Kai Bannert*.

This Poster was created together with *Jan Mensen* as studio *postswag.wtf*

Media Dimensions Edition
Poster A2 50 prints