🐯 Membrane @ Stellwerk 🐯 Membrane @ Stellwerk 🐯 Membrane @ Stellwerk 🐯 Membrane @ Stellwerk

In the timeframe of the documenta 14, the members of the collective Membrane were guests at the Stellwerk, a place which is organized by some students of the artschool Kassel.

They hosted talks, organized exhibitions and did screenings. For each event I did a typography focussed poster design. Each font is uniquely made,

Example of JPEG-Compression Artifacts i noticed and tried to recreate by layering different sheets.

Sideview of the rendering Layers for the Relexation Room poster.



Type specimens have long served as one of the most reliable tools by which we evaluate typographic options. Specimens provide a glimpse of a typeface’s rendered qualities and stylistic capabilities, all while highlighting the nuances of its letterforms.
Media Dimensions Edition
Neonposter A1 50 prints each