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5_2_13-web © Gold + Beton

For the Offspace Gold + Beton located in the Ebertplatz passages in Cologne which is a typical 50-year polygonal aggregate in concrete. While being dark and run down, it is regarded as a social focus. Miriam has created an exhibition with strong site-specific terms. Her concept saw the exhibition with changing spatial functions as a retreat, dissonant wellness oasis or hangout on the intersection of noise music, poetry and performance art, reflecting the relationship between the systemic compulsion to everyday self optimization and exploitation logics of self-care industry.

In designing, we have addressed the characteristics of the square and derived design elements and typography from the most striking objects, the general appearance and the floor plan. Furthermore, the concept gave us a general mood, the colors and other design elements for the poster.

This poster was made together with Jan Mensen as studio postswag.wtf

Media Dimensions Edition
Poster A1 50 prints