🛣 Eskapismus 🛣 Eskapismus 🛣 Eskapismus 🛣 Eskapismus

For a few years now, I have been taking notes of people who strike me or impress me. From a few names a list has been created, with people whose careers seem to evoke a certain fascination in me: almost all of the individuals collected have an abnormal, sometimes contradictory curriculum vitae, which is steeply approaching a turning point and often ends in remarkable circumstances. In this context I repeatedly came across the term escapism.


This book is my attempt to interpret the concept of *escapism* and to back it up with my observations.


The LED panel was used to break my non static interpretation of the term and to animate the statement i did.

My finals took place in the gallery *Feiertag*, Kassel. The book was launched on July 17, 2019.



Type specimens have long served as one of the most reliable tools by which we evaluate typographic options. Specimens provide a glimpse of a typeface’s rendered qualities and stylistic capabilities, all while highlighting the nuances of its letterforms.
Prof. Gabriele Franziska Götz
Jörn Röder
Media Dimensions Edition
Book 12x19cm 30 copies
selfpusblished 96 pages
LED Videowall 64x92cm